Allow us to introduce our equipment

Main Equipment

"1. Large and small diameter, imbalanced projects CNC turning Center"

  • Neoα-10:φ1250mm×740mm
  • Neoα-12:φ1400mm×1500mm
  • Neoα-16:φ2000mm×1500mm maximum weight 8t

We specialize in large flanges, large-diameter rings, large-scale fabricated products, and valve-related castings. We are capable of machining products that require lathe surfaces on unbalanced and irregular heavy objects!

Large to small diameter products, unbalanced products

"2. Projects that are large or long 5 face machining center"

Maximum dimensions
  • 3500mm×6500mm×高さ1500mm maximum weight 30t

We have experience with projects weighing up to 30 tons. We achieve a machining accuracy of 0.05mm within full stroke geometric tolerances.

Very large to long workpieces

Our complete list of equipment

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Name Model Units Specs Maker
5 face machine turning MCR-A5C 1 3500×6500×1500 Okuma
CNC Turning Center Neoα-10 1 φ1250×720 OM
Neoα-12 1 φ1400×1500 OM
Neoα-16 1 φ2000×1500 OM
Ultra-large coordinate measuring machine SVA1220 1 1200x2000x1000 Tokyo Seimitsu
Combined Process Machine (turning center)
ANC56 ATC 1 φ1000×1000 Ikegai
LB300MY 1 φ300×450 Okuma
INTEGREX300 1 φ350×1500 Mazak
INTEGREX400 1 φ450×2500 Mazak
Lathe ANC25、他 4 φ550×1500 Ikegai
LB400 1 420×1250 Okuma
Horizontal Machining Center
HG400 1 400×400 Hitachi Seiki
HG500 1 500×500 Hitachi Seiki
Vertical Machining Center
VTC-16A 1 410×900 Mazak
VG65 1 650×1900 Hitachi Seiki
VS5A 1 450×1100 Mitsui Seiki
Cylindrical Grinder 1 300×500 Toyoda Machine Works
Surface Grinder Surface Grinder 1 400×800 Sanjo Blohm
General purpose lathe DA28、他 4 φ1000×3000 Ikegai
Horizontal Milling Machine (with vertical attachment) 2ML-P 2 400×800 Hitachi Seiki
Radial drilling machine 1600RAJ 1 1600×1000 Oosumi Steel
Upright drilling machine YD5-94CTN 3 900×400 Yoshida Tekkoujo Co.,Ltd
Automatic cutting machine 1 φ300 Amada Co. Ltd
Barrel polishing machine 1 Shikishima
3D CAD CATIA V5、Solidworks 3
3D CAM hyperMILL、SolidCAM 2
Crane 1 of each 10t、2.8t、1t
Arc Welder Of the following types
Silver brazing Of the following types Pure copper、Brass、Stainless Steel