Employment Information.

We have been cutting metal with precision using machine tools since 1961. Most of our customers are major manufacturers. We deal with leading manufacturers in the electric power and energy industries, leading manufacturers of industrial machinery, aircraft airframe manufacturers, aircraft engine material manufacturers, and other major companies. Our products are precision components used in power transmission lines and substations. In recent years, we have also entered the aviation and space industries, producing parts for wings and jet engines. Our company supports the infrastructure of our lives, including electricity and aviation.

Primary Business


The kind of person we are looking for:Sociable, good listener, sincere, optimistic, persevering

This is the face of the company, including business negotiations with new customers, order receipt, quotations, delivery, and trouble-shooting.

Skills gained:Communication skills, negotiation skills, hearing aids, trouble-shooting skills, etc.

Production Control

The kind of person we are looking for:Sociable, negotiation, consultation, perseverance

This is an administrative job that serves as a command post connecting customers and manufacturing. We have many opportunities to communicate directly with customers. We also make arrangements for processing requests, material procurement, etc. with companies with whom we have business relationships.

Skills gained:Communication, management and trouble-shooting skills, etc.


The kind of person we are looking for:Hard worker, creative, tenacious, eager to know

Using 3D CAD, we devise production jigs and machine parts using three-dimensional models to create products that satisfy our customers. We sometimes receive requests for custom-made products through in-depth discussions at the customer's manufacturing site.

Skills gained:Communication skills, ability to create new ideas, ability to handle problems, etc.

Industrial Science

Skills gained:Hard worker, creative, tenacious, eager to know

Using 3D CAD/CAM, we create programs to operate machine tools such as NC lathes and machining centers, and also consider jigs and tools for machining, We are also engaged in production preparation activities to create better products by considering the efficiency of the entire production process, such as considering the production process.

Skills gained:Communication skills, problem finding and solving skills, trouble-shooting skills, etc.


Skills gained:Hard worker, focused, persistent, eager to know

We operate machine tools such as large 5-face milling machines, turning centers, NC lathes, and machining centers to cut all kinds of metals to produce machine parts. We always consider appropriate tools and processing methods for various metal materials for hard and soft metals for various applications, and practice better product manufacturing on a daily basis.

Skills gained:Spatial awareness, high level of expertise (national certification), ability to respond to problems, etc.

Quality Control

Skills gained:Inquisitive, persuasive, battling, eager to know, logical

This work involves inspecting processed products and delivering only good products to customers. We monitor whether bad products are manufactured in the production process and take measures to prevent problems from occurring in advance, quality assurance activities such as responding to product complaints and defects.

Skills gained:Communication, risk management, observation, and trouble-shooting skills.

Aiming to be a company that creates the future in space

We are looking for staff who want to play an active role in our "nano-satellite launch project".

Project Leader: Masahiro Kikuchi, Managing Director

Graduate Recruitment

We are hiring new graduates for students graduating in March 2020.
We are also accepting interns for the summer and fall 2019 semesters.
For more information, please contact Masahiro Kikuchi in charge of recruitment.

Nid-career Recruitment

We are currently hiring mid-career.
・At least 5 years of experience in mechanical design
・CAD operator CATIA V5 experience * Urgently needed