From Ibaraki to Space

茨城から宇宙へ 宇宙への挑戦を支えるひと・技術

People and Technology Supporting the Challenge of Space


Saturday, October 14, 2023

Reception 09:45-

first part 10:00〜10:30

Lecture Window to the Universe Opened by Nano-Satellites

Experts will talk about the latest information on space exploration by nano-satellites, which have been developed in recent years, and their potential applications in space development.

second division 10:30~11:20

Factory Tour

The development of nano-satellites has been made possible by the cooperation of several town factories in Naka City. We will show you the factories that support such a challenge to Ugoku.

Part III. 11:20~12:00

Negropo construction

Let's make a palm-sized robot using small parts added with the precision technology you observed at the factory! Experience the fun of manufacturing!

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